Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Watching the world go round and round

Writing anything except e mails is a luxury these days. My company is merging with a much, much larger company which eats up a lot of thinking time. Not too mention the three little neanderthals who share the same DNA as me and require my constant attention . However, I blog outside of child and work hours, and what tiny bit of time I had to write, is now being taken up by music. My album is done, bar the artwork which I am being lazy about, but I have been entering the songs in song contests. I made the finals of the Billboard and International songcontests, but didn't make the prizewinning rounds. However, 3 songs got honorable mentions in the Billboard contest so I can't complain. Its a good start. On top of that my guitar teacher
Lindsey Boullt has his annual students show on Paddys night. I am a member of the house band, i.e we back the featured performers, and I will also be one of the performers - although I am bringing my own band. Given the night thats in it, I am going to do two Rory Gallagher songs. Gallagher is easily one of the greatest blues rock guitarists ever, and was the first Irish rock star so paying homage on Paddys night seems appropriate. After that I am taking a rest - yah roight!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Over caffeinated

Friday, February 10, 2006

Hair, Nails, Facials and Waxing