Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Guardian Unlimited - What Machiavelli could teach Brown and Blair

This is an interesting article from The Guardian about the relationship between politicians and the modern electorate as seen through Machiavellian ideas. While I was back in Ireland it really struck me how people only perceive politics and politicians as corrupt and venal. While Ireland seems to have suffered through many political corruption scandals, it has also transformed from an impoverished, religion dominated backwater into one of the most admired, progressive and prosperous countries in the world. However, you wouldn't know this from chatting to people. It seems when politicians act like politicians they are vilified for it - but no one seems to understand that if they stopped the deal making, spinning and media manipulation they wouldn't last five minutes in office! Of course this is not an excuse for corruption and incompetence, (which may be the worse offence), but in a democracy stating your beliefs and intentions openly could be career suicide.

Guardian Unlimited | Arts critics | What Machiavelli could teach Brown and Blair


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